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Our Approach

What sets Simplif.AI is the decades of technology and eCommerce sales experience, including extensive experience in ticket sales.

Our team has started, run and sold a number of successful, highly awarded businesses, including a company that was #176 on the Inc 500 and the 6th fastest growing retailer in the country.

Our Story

We were overwhelmed by the number of shopping choices and no direction. We now provide that recommendation engine.

We were not alone. Consumers are overwhelmed by thousands of product choices harming conversion rates, customer experience and retention:

  • 71% of customers shop with a specific scenario, not a product in mind
  • 64% of shoppers desire simplicity in the purchase process
  • 39% of shoppers have left a business’ website and made a purchase elsewhere because they were overwhelmed by too many options
  • Millennials’ preferences are different from other demographic groups as they yearn guidance, recommendations and validation from others
  • 56% of global consumers are interested in using an online shop assistant that they could engage with for advice as they are browsing products online

Meet the Team

Great team of industry insiders.

Kinga Evans

Founder & CEO

Operations, Finance and Strategy

David Evans

Co-Founder & CTO

Technology, Tickets, Entrepreneurial Ventures

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